Doing this is english, cause I don't have any swedish letters on the computer and I hate to read swedish without dots on a and o.

Sitting right now at Nanny and Papa's and we just had dinner.
Left the house Friday morning picked up Katie from her last day at work and then we took off for the trip to Buffalo.
Closer to four hours later we went to Pittsburh to visit the cousins and get some lunch.
And a couple hours later we hit the road again to drive up to Buffalo and I guess we came up around 8.30 or something.
Pizza for dinner and then we head to bed pretty fast.

Saturday morning we didn't do so much, took off to go the mall, or the Galleria as the name was.
Had lunch on Ted's hotdogs, and they were actually great.
Don't think we did so much last night, just hanged around and talked a lot about the Neal family.

Today we went to the Niagara Falls, on the Canadian side, so now I can say I have been in Canada wich is pretty cool.. haha..
It wasn't like I thought but it was pretty cool, promise some pictures when I come home tomorrow.
A lot of water and it's cool cause it is so powerful.
And then we just hanged around over here.
I'm sad that we didn't go to Andersson's for some ice cream but that's ok, I got some sponge candy from Papa in valentine's gift, so I guess that I'm ok for a few weeks.

Leaving early tomorrow morning.
It's sad that I'm not 21 right now, cause then me and Tommy could do something tomorrow, take a beer or something..
And speak of beer, I have become a beerdrinker. I have had a beer everynight over here and I enjoyed it. Moste of the time I hate beer. But I can't wait till I'm turning 21, hope the Neal boys is coming and joining and make me boozed. haha.

Heading off, just wanted to say that I'm alive and I will be back with pictures and a swedish translation tomorrow night.

See you!


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